Director Search on CIPROZA using registered company database in South Africa

Ciproza offers director searches on our search system that will allow you to see which companies the person you are searching on is a director of.

A simple 1-2-3 step process to get the information:

  1. Login or register at using the login page
  2. Increase your funds through our payment gateway partners PayFast using the My Console
  3. Click on the top menu and select “Director Search” menu.

Tip on the search usage

Use just the first initial and surname to get a listing of the people with that name, often there are discrepancies in the spelling when being captured and there may beĀ  more than one entry in the database.

Director Search on Ciproza

The report will look similar to this sample image below, you can view the full director search report sample in PDF if you wish.

Director search sample image

The director search on Ciproza

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