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  • Company Registration Details
  • Company Registered Name
  • Directors details
  • Auditors details
  • Search by Registration Number
  • Use “Company Status” if Reg No. is not known
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 Company registration information search

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    • Verify the full Registered Name
    • Company Registration Number
    • Company Trading Status
    • Registration Number is not needed
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Company status search

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  • The Companies the person is a director of
  • Their registered addresses
  • Current Director status at each Company
  • Basic overview of Director Search
  • Price R88.00

Director information search

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Ho to guide to show you how to search for company information in south africa

Guaranteed company and director results if they exist at CIPCCIPROZA allows the public to retrieve registered company and director information as housed at the CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) office,which previously was known as the CIPRO (Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office). To facilitate the payments we partnered with Payfast South Africa, to allow you to make the payment easily. Each payment is made prior to the search, in split seconds of course. Prices include VAT.