How to get your R72.00 credit reward on CIPROZA?

To help us continually improve the system we provide, it is critical that we fix any issues the system may which detracts from us providing a great service.

So to help us fix our system, we have decided to credit your existing account with CIPROZA by adding a R72.00 credit.

To qualify, email us at

with the subject

In the body text area of the email please copy and past the below text into your email and answer the questions as detailed as possible – so that we can replicate the error and have it fixed:

  • Windows Browser Used (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer/Safari etc):
  • Which Search were you trying to use? (Status search,Director search,Company registration number search)
  • Briefly explain what chain of events lead up to the error?
  • Can you get the system to create the same error if you do the search again, in other words can you replicate the error?


Click here to launch a new email window, insert the above requirements and request your reward.


Our conditions of our reward to you on this error reporting.

  • You must be a registered user of the CIPROZA system
  • You cannot exchange the credit for cash
  • We must be able to replicate the error, so that we can fix it
  • You must be over 18
  • Our decision is final, we will from time to time refuse a reward claim
  • This offer can expire at any stage, but outstanding reports will be reviewed and honoured if valid
  • All above questions have to be answered